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About Val Hala

Val Hala was formed from several Old Bastard Clan Members who were previously in the WOW Guild OBC Raiders and other guilds associated with the membership of OBC. We are open to all players no matter their game agenda if it be solo leveling, raiding, PvP or just banging around the game, all are welcome. Val Hala takes pride in being one of the few guilds who do not allow foul language within our guild chat or communications what so ever. We also strive to achieve harmony amongst players within World of Warcraft.

 Val Hala is an adult guild and asks that membership requests be only from players over the age of 25, mature adults who want to participate with others over the age of 25. We do in some cases allow younger mature players on a case by case bases. Family members of guild members are always allowed no matter that age however, some rules do apply for these young folks.

Our Mission

Val Hala is a guild of friends who are brought together most of all to have fun and enjoy the game and also to raid as a team and clear content. Our goal is regular raids using our charter along with sister/partner guilds. We also enjoy the aspects of PVP and strive to keep teams going to add to the enjoyment of the game. Where these goals may be guild goals, no one person is forced to participate. It is our goal to fill our charter with mature, fun, skillful (or willing to learn) players with same goals.
We also work very closely with our guildies to assist as much as possible those who are leveling or learning how to play. We are very helpful to one another on a single level or as a group and strive to keep this helpfulness to all. We are continuously looking for mature, fun, skilled people to join our ranks. Our officers are made up of the best to better assist our guilds goals, our members are made up of players who want to reach our goals. Our officers meet regularly to discuss goals and general guild direction, however, we are always open to suggestions and anything to help better Val Hala.

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Val Hala on the move.

digz, Jan 15, 13 8:49 AM.
Val Hala has formed 5 teams so far for the MOP X-pac. With all teams running last week for the first time 3 teams were able to down the first boss in vaults! Grats Val Hala! Many new faces in the guild there is a full recruiting drive in effect and more raid teams are on the way.

Val Hala has committed to building a PvP base in our guild, recruiting new PvP Players to run with our already existing PvP players. We have the makings of a fully geared RBG Team1 and are working toward building our second RBG team. These teams meet weekly currently on the weekends. As the PvP effort in Val Hala expands, more teams may be added along with PvP open events through out the week!

We are desperately seeking volunteers to coordinate events and officers to assist with guild duties. Leading events is not difficult, just takes time in mumble and online to coordinate and get people to participate. PLEASE get ahold of digz if you would like to step up and volunteer for your guild.

Val Hala has expanded greatly over the past month to accommodate the new x-pac and many things are going on! We are looking for officers and assistants to help the leadership in Val Hala manage this massive growth! Please contact a GM or Guild Leader to donate time if you have it.

Val Hala Gearing and getting up to par for MOP RAIDS!!

digz, Dec 11, 12 3:59 AM.
 With the long awaited Mists of Panderia (MOP) Val Hala is in the process of putting our teams together to clear content once again.

 Many are making their way back to the game after the wait for this release and teams are beginning to form! If you are interested in getting involved in raid or PvP Teams, please get signed up on the guild portal! Click PVE or PVP at the top of the page for more information.

 Currently, the PVE section is being put together by Digz and Freeport and the PvP is being put together by slowshot and Faetal. You can ask any of these folks about getting set up and getting involved if you enjoy running with a group!

Val Hala DS 5/8!

digz, Apr 3, 12 10:18 AM.
 This past week Val Hala downed #5 in DS! :) GRATS VAL HALA!

Raid Team5 Almost ready to start raiding!

digz, Mar 23, 12 10:30 AM.
 Raid Team5 is a Wed/Thu 4am team run. This will be a weekly two night run. This was set up to give the late nighters and aussies a team to run on! If this 4am run suits you, please try to be online for backups if needed. If you are looking to get on this team, make sure your signed up on the Raid Team Signup forum and contact the raid leaders of Team5!

Raid Team4 !

digz, Mar 19, 12 2:47 PM.
 Raid Team4 is formed and is scheduled to start running on Sat/Sun 7pm. :) Looking forward to seeing this team come together and get DS all shaped up!
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